Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Budget. Budget. Budget. That is the buzz word when you are talking about kitchen remodeling. It's such a BIG word because of the vast options for kitchen materials and designs that you can literally spend as much or as little money as you want. If your budget is a bit higher than average, you may want to consider custom kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets are not so expensive that that cannot be purchased by an average homeowner, but, when you are deciding on custom materials, the design possibilities are all but infinite and the cost can be considerably higher when you start truly customizing the look with custom lines, moldings, sculpting, and hardware.

If you feel you want a truly unique kitchen, you should definitely think about custom cabinets. And, once you have decided you want to go that route in your remodel, you should have an idea of the look you want to achieve as there are many design possibilities. Styles vary so much from color to wood type to grain to size that you can spend a great amount of time just discussing options. And, to exponentially increase design options, a custom cabinet maker can fabricate any design or color you desire. Yikes! That translates to "infinite possibilities". This means you should look at pictures in magazines other designers have implemented to see what is possible, what others have done, and looks that you can build on to truly customize your cabinets.

To help you streamline your looks, it may help to think in terms of types of style. It may help to narrow down your designs in terms of classic, modern, traditional, or contemporary. Even though these are broad design terms, knowing which look you want to achieve will help our designers suggest the right custom cabinets for you. So you have a bit of knowledge, modern is mostly sleek style, traditional involves a lot of moldings and engravings, contemporary designs and classic designs usually embody a very simple look.

One of the major advantages of custom cabinet design is being able to allocate enough space in your kitchen for storage. This is not only food storage but useful functional space for your pots, pans, dished, cups, and other pieces of your kitchen wares. In any room of your home, storage is paramount, and this is especially true for your kitchen. How many times do you look at your cabinets and want to organize them better but just don't have the space. And, cabinet storage space helps clear room and de-clutters your countertops.

If you have more kitchen storage via your new custom cabinets, you will have room not only for your kitchen wares and food, but also for any small appliances that would normally take up space on your countertop. And, custom cabinets mean implementing interesting and useful cabinets such a thin drawer for your silverware and an oblong cabinet for your baking pans. Depending on the amount of space you have in your kitchen for custom cabinets, you can organize the kitchen further through storage - yet another advantage of custom kitchen cabinets.

Aside from functionality, the look of a custom kitchen cabinet is unimaginable. When you start to work with custom cabinets, understand that they are the most beautiful elements you can include in your design and budget. Of course, a custom cabinet can be truly customized with specialty hardware for a truly unique look. Like the cabinets themselves, it does help to narrow down your style as there are many types of hardware that typically accent different cabinet designs - such as contemporary, modern, or classic. If you want to go playful, don't worry as there are many different designs that don't fit into any category such as frogs, bunnies, and sticks!

Custom kitchen cabinets are one of the best choices you can make for your kitchen. If you have the money to even investigate the possibility of getting them for your kitchen, we are ready to assess your space, understand your needs, and create the perfect kitchen with custom amenities.