Custom Kitchen Design

Custom kitchen design is not a task for the inexperienced or for the faint of heart. It requires expertise in all disciplines of design and kitchen construction as well as knowledge of function to create the perfect environment that will be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Designing the perfect custom kitchen is a challenging task. Your kitchen must look great and fit your style. It must also be able to accommodate cooking, dining, and be a comfortable place for gatherings of friends and family. If you are not experienced, this can be a daunting task. A skilled contractor will speak with you and absorb what you want out of your kitchen then design and implement the perfect kitchen that will not only accent your style but will be the perfect functional workroom. Any kitchen renovation project starts with a design. As stated before, this design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should be designed to reduce un-necessary movements in your kitchen by making the most used elements of your kitchen in convenient places. A skilled remodeler is able to develop a great kitchen idea as a happy medium between form and function. They will begin with function and include the best materials to meet that function without compromising style. Custom kitchen design can be summed up with two words - function and design.

If you are looking at articles about custom kitchen design, you are most likely ready to begin the journey of remodeling your kitchen. The first step to any new remodel is a fact finding mission. This is a journey into design to see what others have done and what you like and dislike about other designs and designers. Your custom kitchen is wholly your own kitchen and should be designed for you, and in a sense, by you. You will tell your remodeler what you want to do in your kitchen and how you want it to look. Many times, ideas can be found in magazines and through internet searches. Look at designs, go to book stores, pick up magazines, look at your friend's kitchens, and see what style you want. When you do make an appointment with your remodeling contractor, you will be much happier with their custom design if you bring what you want to the table and actual pictures of it for the contractor to mimic.

There are many different elements that make up a kitchen. From countertops to cabinets to flooring to storage, there is much planning that needs to occur before any custom design is drafted for a customer. Among the biggest deciding factors with this is budget and price. If your budget is infinite, the possibilities are infinite. If your budget is restricted, there are still ways to customize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Any custom design will accentuate your kitchen countertops. A kitchen countertop can be one of the most important elements in any custom design. The material you choose should depend on your budget. However, if you want the look of stone but can't afford it, there are ways around it such as using granite tile vs. a large granite slab. There are expensive materials and cheaper materials, but all can be utilized in your design based on your budget. Once again, as a custom design, you need to find the material that is customized to your function.

Another important part of custom design is your lighting. Kitchen lighting will accentuate all of your kitchen elements but it also serves a great function. In your custom design, you need to discuss with your remodeler the uses for your kitchen. If it is a relaxing area, you need dimmer availability. If it is more of a food prep area, you need bright lights on the most used areas. As a custom part to your kitchen, your lighting scheme should fit your use.

When planning your custom kitchen, get design ideas and keep your eyes open as to what other people are doing and have done. Also, get your budget together before you meet with a remodeler. As discussed throughout this article, there is an amazing amount choice which will be narrowed down based on what your overall project budget is. Remember, this is your custom kitchen so spend enough money where you will be happy with the materials used, the appliances, and design elements, and the overall result.