Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen improvement projects are some of the best types of home remodeling because they are exiting, functional, and a new kitchen adds tremendous resale value to your home. It is estimated that a homeowner will get 70% - 85% back on the cost of the remodeling project after resale. With a kitchen project, you will definitely see a return on your investments and it one of the few rooms in your home when remodeled that will add value, bathrooms being the other. When compared to other home improvements, remodels, or makeovers, your returns will be much lower. The kitchen shows the greatest return. As it were, there are so many options when you remodel your kitchen that prices vary greatly. If you choose high quality amenities such as custom kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, and high end appliances, you can spend upwards of 100 thousand on a remodel. However, there are many options for the more discriminating homeowner where they can get a quality remodel for 5-10 thousand dollars using stock items and other items that mimic the beauty of their more expensive counterparts. Whatever your budget is for your kitchen remodel, a skilled contractor will make the most of it by using their vendors to get the best price for products and crafting your kitchen beautifully. A kitchen remodeling project is a very wise investment.

New Kitchen Cabinets For Your Remodel

When dealing with a kitchen remodel, there are two elements that will eat up your budget. The first is new cabinets and the other is new kitchen appliances. First, a bit about kitchen cabinets. When you work with custom cabinets, or even stock cabinets, they come in so many colors, styles, types of wood, and designs that it can be overwhelming if you don't have a designer to give you ideas on what will look the best in your kitchen. And, to complicate the issue of cabinets further, there are thousands of different hardware styles to adorn your cabinets with that add to the choice combinations. When you are ready to remodel, the cabinets should be your first consideration if you are working in a budget as they can get expensive when you start to use words like "custom". When you begin cabinet shopping, you should have at the very least a vague idea of what you want by looking at magazines, friends kitchens, other families kitchens, etc., as well as have a general price idea in mind. This will help our contractors when they show you what cabinets will fit your style best. Within your budget, also note that cabinets generally come in three varieties: stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. If you are adhering to a budget and would rather spend your money on countertops and appliances, refacing or refinishing your cabinets is also an option. This is a cheaper alternative to new cabinets where our remodelers use your existing kitchen cabinet frames and replace the door fronts and hardware or refinish your existing cabinet and drawer fronts. This is sometimes called a cabinet overhaul or cabinet makeover rather then a full blown remodel.

Who Doesn't Love New Kitchen Appliances

As stated before, cabinets are an expensive part of a remodel next to new appliances. And, kitchen appliances are also very costly to repair and to replace if anything happens to them so we recommend choosing wisely and spending the extra money on a better rated brand or a more reliable model rather then opting for a cheaper alternative - such as a low end dishwasher that doesn't wash dishes or a refrigerator that may or may not leak in 2 years. Assess what facets of the appliances are important to you and choose accordingly. If you shop at wholesale clubs, you may want a refrigerator and freezer with more room then an average unit. If you have children and company and wash a lot of dishes, you may want a dishwasher brand that requires no pre wash and will clean all of your dishes. If you are an aspiring cook or griller, you may want to skimp on the other appliances and get a range with a grill side and large oversized burners or even a convection oven. The more thought you put into the appliances use the more chance you will find the right appliance for your needs and your space. Our contractors will be able to assess your needs and budget and recommend the best appliances or give you an idea of what to purchase (if you are supplying your own appliances) that will fit into your overall design and your kitchens space.

Kitchen Countertops For Your Remodel

Kitchen countertops come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and materials. From stainless steel to natural stone to butcher block wood, finding the right type of countertop for your kitchen is essential to the perfect remodel. Because of the varying styles, you can imagine there is much variance in price. Prices range from the low end (usually a laminate countertop) to the high end (usually marble, granite, and concrete). The style you choose will vary depending on your budget, and whatever your budget, our contractors will give you ideas of what the best countertop material and color will be. When you are in the early stages of planning for your remodel, give some thought into how you will use your countertops. If you do a lot of cooking, cutting, and baking, you will want a countertop that will stand up to heat and wear better. But, regardless of what your intentions are, your kitchen will always be used and be the focus of much attention during parties and gatherings. Countertops are a great way to add appeal to a kitchen as your countertop is one of the grandest and most visible parts of a kitchen.

Don't Forget About The Flooring

So, you have a new ceiling, new cabinets, new countertops, what comes next - your kitchen floor. In any kitchen remodeling project, your kitchen floor needs to be thought about and not just designed on a whim. When choosing your kitchen floor, think about two aspects, durability and looks. Your kitchen floor will experience dropped cups, drinks, liquids, food, dishes, and other abuse. So, you need flooring that will stand up to abuse and will look great in your new kitchen. The right flooring adds to a kitchens appeal. It gives a sense of warmth and beauty and can "virtually" increase space in your kitchen through use of light colors and broad patterns. Our contractors will work with you through your remodeling process to make sure the right flooring is chosen.

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