Resilient Sheet Flooring for Kitchen Remodels

What used to be the red headed stepchild of flooring for quality kitchen remodels, resilient sheet flooring and linoleum flooring are making a strong comeback in kitchens today. Ceramic and porcelain tile ruled the last two decades for the $10,000 + kitchen remodel. This is no longer the case. If you have not looked at resilient and linoleum flooring lately, you will be amazed at what you will find for your new kitchen. Whether you prefer the look of natural materials such as wood, ceramic, slate, or stone, the styles have improved by leaps and bounds and anyone redoing their kitchen must bring sheet flooring back to the table.

The benefits of this flooring has been understood for a long time. It was the ghastly look of it that kept it out of the kitchen. However, nothing is more durable and easy to clean. You could spill an entire can of spaghetti sauce on the floor and it could sit for hours, and when cleaned it would not leave a trace. For a kitchen remodeling on a budget, it also is the most affordable type of flooring you can find.

Armstrong's new Starstep line sets the standard today for a perfect mix of durability, price, ease of installation, and believe it or not... classy design. Starstep comes in 12 foot sheets that resemble ceramic tile, stone, or even wood. In addition, there are more choices today regarding the thickness of the resilient flooring, from ultra thin to an almost spongy texture for your two year old falling all over the kitchen or for your sore feet during marathon cooking sessions.

For new kitchens, cost vary from about $1 per square foot to $4 a square foot, but even for the more expensive resilient flooring, the labor charge will be much lower than tile because it goes in, assembled in about 1/5th of the time and effort as tile with no need for the kitchen contractors to return to the job. If remodeling your kitchen this year, resilient or linoleum flooring is no longer only for those on a budget.