Granite Countertops for PA Homeowners

There is a reason that granite countertops are the material of choice for most homeowners. People have been using the stone as a building material since ancient times, making it one of the oldest materials available. We know this because granite is also one of the most durable building materials, far outlasting the buildings and civilizations that used it. Properly finished granite will never depreciate with time, and as such it will provide lasting value to any kitchen. No synthetic material performs as well as a granite countertop over time. In addition to the individual effects of choices such as stone color, pattern, and cut, all granite gives off an impression of durability, elegance, and taste.

Granite Countertops Are Durable & Elegant

Granite differs from other stone materials like marble and limestone in that it is an igneous rock, hardened over millions of years of volcanic activity. It is twice as hard as marble and less susceptible to damage from acids like vinegar or citrus fruits than marble because of the absence of calcium. Unlike many of the materials used in buildings today, granite is used when you want a hard surface that will last. In addition to being a high quality material, it also has the appearance of one. While modern science has created many synthetic solutions to building problems, none can rival the air of class of a stone that has been used and proven for thousands of years.

Granite countertops looks heavy, and they are. It is the least susceptible material of all natural building products to scratches. As a result, a granite countertop will retain the luster it has upon first use throughout many years, always looking sparkling new. It is incredibly resistant to heat and as such will never burn or scorch through normal kitchen usage. As long as it is finished properly it won't stain and will resist chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Modern sealants are virtually maintenance-free, making granite incredibly easy to keep looking as new as the day it was installed.

Granite Countertop Color Choices

The variety of colors that granite comes in are the colors that appear naturally in the rock, lending an innate, unplanned beauty impossible to replicate in other materials. Feldspar, quartz, and mica are the primary ingredients, but hints of other minerals like muscovite, pyroxene, biotite, and hornblende are what give each rock its unique pattern and colors. No granite will provide a source perfectly uniform in color or pattern. This is part of the charm of the rock - taking a naturally occurring material and smoothing it into elegant shapes for use in the kitchen. Blemishes and imperfections are natural and to be expected as they add to the character of the material.

When PA homeowners are looking for granite countertops for their kitchen or bath, they turn to Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania. We supply many distinct varieties of granite from suppliers around the world. Granite is unique in that no two pieces are alike so we encourage you to come to our show room and explore our granite countertops. Following is a gallery of a few popular types of granite.

Granite Countertop Uba Tuba Granite Countertop Sunset Gold Granite Countertop Venetian Gold Granite Countertop Madera Gold
Granite Countertop Jupiter Granite Countertop Gold Beach Granite Countertop Giallo Veneziano Granite Countertop Desert Sand
Granite Countertop Crema Gold Granite Countertop Crema Bordeaux Granite Countertop Boreal Granite Countertop Blue Haze
Granite Countertop Black Galaxy Granite Countertop Baltic Brown Granite Countertop Autumn Brown Granite Countertop Angola Black

Granite adds beauty to any kitchen or bath, and each piece is one of a kind. We make granite countertops an affordable luxury for homeowners in PA. With almost 3000 colors available, it's always possible to find the look to match any kitchen. Whether you are looking for a classical or more contemporary look, granite countertops will always give an impression of stable beauty. It's important for a material to be of a high quality, but it's equally important for it to look high quality to add to the value of a house. Granite maintains both of these characteristics, which is why it is the most coveted building material available. Contact Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania to get more information about granite countertops along with a quote for installing them in your kitchen.