Soapstone Countertops for PA Homeowners

Soapstone kitchen countertops are becoming more and more popular. A soapstone countertop offers a great design look for a kitchen design leaning toward an old world or rustic feel. If you are looking for an early american feel to your kitchen, soapstone offers a great alternative to marble or granite.

The soapstone countertops in the gallery below are all natural countertops, with the exception of the soapstone countertop on the far right which has been oiled. Notice the color change of the first three compared to the last. When soapstone is not oiled, the finish is slightly dull & not as bright and rich as an oiled soapstone countertop.

Soapstone Countertop Green Soapstone Countertop Blue Soapstone Countertop Grey Oiled Soapstone Countertop Black

Soapstone offers both durability and good looks. As your kitchen countertop material, soapstone will not stain, requires little maintenance, and will add a return on investment to any kitchen remodeling project because of its very distinct look and feel. Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania Kitchen and Bath is happy to offer our PA customers the best designs in soapstone kitchen countertops. We provide homeowners in Pennsylvania with precision crafted and designed soapstone countertops.