Solid Surface Countertops for PA Homeowners

A solid surface countertop is an affordable countertop possibility for PA homeowners. The colors below represent some of the more popular varieties, however, they do come in many more colors then those highlighted below. Solid surface countertops are durable and easy to clean. On the negative side, they are not as resistant to scratches as some of the other stronger kitchen countertop materials. Solid surface countertops include brands such as Formica, Corian, and Silestone.

Solid Surface Quartz Solid Surface Grapefruit Solid Surface Pink Sand Solid Surface Burnt Amber
Solid Surface Grey Stone Solid Surface Blue Autumn Solid Surface Green Haze Solid Surface Ochre Tan

DuPont Corian has been on the market since 1960 and is the popular, affordable, and elegant choice for kitchen remodeling projects. Formica is a laminate product which means its a laminate surface on a particle board or wood backing. LG also makes a product called HI-MACS which is a solid surface countertop with all of thee characteristics (non-porous, easy to clean, etc.). And, what makes this product interesting is that it can be molded to fit any design or kitchen shape. Shirestone is another popular brand that we use in our remodeling projects in PA which is strong, non-porous, and resistant to stains just like all of the other solid surface countertops. Shirestone is a great solid surface countertop for large areas and expanses in your kitchen because the substance is custom poured directly on site!

Though the price of solid surface countertops are more appealing to PA homeowners remodeling their kitchens on a budget, they are also also vulnerable to scratches and easily discolored by heat. When choosing the right countertop, be it solid surface or not, keep in mind how you will be using the surface before you choose it purely for looks.