Wood Countertops for PA Homeowners

If you are considering a wood countertop for your PA kitchen, you are making a great choice. Wood gives a very warm look to any kitchen and can easily be blended into any kitchen style. A wood kitchen countertop does require a bit more maintenance than other countertop surfaces but if you like the look, it is worth the time and the investment.

We install wood countertops in many different shapes and varieties of wood including some of the more popular hardwoods such as mahogany, beech, walnut, teak, oak, cherry, and maple. We prefer using these hardwoods for our renovations because they require less maintenance and give your kitchen a beautiful look.

Wood Countertop Zebra Wood Wood Countertop Bubinga Wood Wood Countertop Hickory Wood Countertop Walnut Wood
Wood Countertop Maple Wood Wood Countertop Pine Wood Wood Countertop Walnut Wood Wood Countertop Cherry Wood
Wood Countertop  Teak Wood Wood Countertop

To increase the durability of wooden kitchen countertops, they must be constructed in such a way to make the seams invisible. And, all of the wood countertops we install in PA kitchens are constructed with the highest durability. Maintenance for wood involves treating it with regular (monthly) treatments of mineral oil or whenever you need to bring back the shine. And, because its wood, any surface imperfections or scratches can be sanded out. The hardwoods we use also have inherent properties that protect them from bacteria buildup. If you are leaning toward wood countertops, keep in mind they are not very heat resistant so caution must be taken when placing hot objects such as pots and pans ont eh countertop.

Wood countertops are beautiful and not very expensive with prices starting at $50 per square foot installed. If you want a wood countertop for your new kitchen remodel, we have the experience weaving wood countertops into kitchen designs to create the perfect kitchen on your Pennsylvania home.