Kitchen Remodeling Resources - Kitchen Height

Remodeling Resources - Changing Height of Kitchen If you are remodeling your kitchen, now is a great time to consider the height of the kitchen for truly custom experience. What do we mean by this - we mean the height of the cabinets, the height of the countertops, and the height of every accessible object in the room.

The first aspect to consider is counter height. The normal height of a countertop is 36 inches from the floor to the counter. If you are a bit shorter and this is inconvenient for you, you can drop the height of the counters lower BUT it may be difficult to find appliances that fit the lower height. They do exist but a specialty appliance height is a bit more costly then the standard fare you can get at home depot!

The next logical height factor is your cabinets. Many shorter people have trouble reaching the higher cabinets. What's the point of high cabinets if they remain empty. Instead of changing the height of the cabinets, we recommend designing your kitchen around your height by having the most used products and storage areas at the lowest height levels. Anything higher, just have a stool handy. Also, if height is an issue, don't put cabinets all the way to your ceiling. You can leave that space open and accent it with plants, plate displays, or other kitchen designer items.

Playing with the height of the kitchen is an interesting concept but it is not recommended. While you can design a kitchen perfect for your height, if you ever decide to sell your home, a perfectly designed kitchen FOR YOU can actually lower the resale value of your home if it is too small or too tall for the average person.

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