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Remodeling Resources - Small Appliances Kitchens are not all GIGANTIC grand kitchens you see in magazines and showrooms. More often then not, homes have small kitchens that they are remodeling, this usually means you can spend more money on cabinets, flooring, and accessories to get an amazing look, but this also means you may not have the space for very large appliances. Have no fear, there is such a thing as a small appliance! Appliances come in all shapes and sizes. Though there are many standard widths of ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers, each come in a "mini" model for a particularly small job.

If you are short on space, consider a small microwave mounted over your stove. This small appliance would normally take up counter space, but mounted, it takes up far less room and can be integrated into the existing design scheme. Want an amazing oven but haven't got the room? Try just a range top that can be installed into the countertops with no oven underneath. As a double bonus, that microwave, turn it into a microwave / convection oven so you can save space there.

Don't want to wash dishes but don't have the room for a large dishwasher, have no fear, there are alternatives! American dishwashers tend to be a bit larger then their european counterparts. So, if space is an issue, go for a european model dishwasher versus an american model. If saving off a few inches means no more hand washing dishes - go for it!

Don't forget about the refrigerator - where you store your food and graze in the middle of the night. These come in many shapes and sizes from slim line to the tiniest of models most often used in college dorm rooms and offices. If you want a better refrigerator that takes up less space, they are out there. Check out your local appliance center and see what they have.

Small doesn't mean they don't have the power of their big brother counterparts. If you have a small kitchen to maximize the space there are small appliances that can be installed. Size isn't everything!

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