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Remodeling Resources - How To Spend Money On Your Remodel Are you ready to remodel your kitchen? Great! That's the first step and that's why you are here. Now, if you are on a bit of a budget and are looking to skimp, there are a few elements of your kitchen that you shouldn't cheap out on - namely your kitchen cabinets and countertops. All of the other aspects of your kitchen can be easily replaced but these two cannot and should not be built on a budget. On the non-materials side, you should not design your kitchen by yourself. Yes, there are skilled homeowners out there that are able to design kitchens professionally, however, kitchen remodeling professionals are kitchen remodeling professionals for a reason, they understand how to plan and design a kitchen effectively that will benefit your lifestyle.

When you are looking to cut costs, ask yourself, what can i easily change at a later date. Kitchen countertops are not easy to change and therefore should be considered a necessity for spending your remodeling money on. This is especially true if you are getting a natural countertop like granite or a custom countertop like poured and dyed concrete. Installing countertops are a bit of a process and are installed best in a bare kitchen. While the floors can be ripped out and reinstalled, and the faucets can be taken out and changed at any time, the kitchen countertops need to be done once and be done right. Since the installation is difficult, choose once and choose right.

Cabinets are also very difficult to change. If you want to cut costs DO NOT skimp on the cost of the cabinetry. A good cabinet made of natural solid wood such as oak, birch, or maple will have beauty that will last for years. Hardware on the cabinets can be changed to suit your tastes of the moment, but the cabinets themselves cannot. We do not recommend buying a particle board cabinetry or something cheap with sub par hinges and made of cheap wood. With cabinets, definitely do it once and do it right. Your kitchen cabinets can last for decades and if you choose the right cabinet, they will last for decades. Spending the extra money on quality cabinets and quality construction mean a thicker, stronger, and longer lasting product.

Sinks, appliances, paint, and flooring can all be easily replaced so we view these as more of afterthoughts. The real remodeling money should be spent on the countertops and floors. Definitely choose well because spending the extra money will result in a kitchen you can be proud of that will last for years. When you want to change the looks, just change something easy like the paint. A subtle change will look amazing because of the two existing high end elements - the cabinets and the countertop.

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