Kitchen Remodeling Resources - What To Know About Granite

Remodeling Resources - Granite Countertops So you are ready to remodel your kitchen and you are looking for a new countertop to complete the remodeling package. Look no further than granite! Granite offers timeless beauty to a kitchen and is very hardy. But what to choose and how do you know what granite is good, bad, or what is a so so grade.

First, lets talk about colors of granite. Granite is of course natural so there is no consistent color, however there are varieties. Different types of granite come from different countries. The popular countries of origin are Spain, Italy, and the United States. Though the countries can have the same colors of their granite, no two countries of origin will produce granite with the same characteristics. And, if you see a piece of granite you like in a magazine or in someone's home and they have a name for it, the retailer you see may not have the same name, though they may have the same color scheme, depending on the country of origin they get their granite from. Get it? Different countries have different names for their granite that can be the same colors with a different name. Also, when you are looking for colors, go to your granite dealer / installer / retailer and tell them to break off a piece so you can see hoe it will look in your own kitchen. They will be more then willing to give you a piece off the slab that you can take back to your house and see what it will look like in your own unique lighting, layout, etc.

As stated, granite is natural and every piece is unique. Each contain variations in color, shade, and shape. Even if you are looking at two slabs of granite from the same dealer that were mined from the same quarry, they many not look the same. That is why it is very important to go to the granite dealer and see what you buy before you buy. Granite is not like laminate where it is the same across the board. Each is unique and each will look just a bit different in your own kitchen.

One last point about granite is cost. Years ago, granite was expensive because there were not many dealers of the stones. Today, there are many dealers which means more competition in the industry which translates to lower prices for you. That being said, there are typically 6 tiers of granite that range from very easily obtainable to very rare. The lower tiers are lower prices where the more exotic are higher priced. And, once you have picked out your slab, the edge or finish can increase the price such as a bull nose edge, a square edge, or something more exotic.

An investment in granite is an investment for life. As kitchen remodelers, we love the look of granite in every kitchen but it may not work for you. At least consider it as an option for your countertops!

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