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Remodeling Resources - Adding A Baking Center Who doesn't like baking (or eating baked goods) - I know we here at Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania Kitchen and Bath enjoy both! If you are remodeling your kitchen and love to bake, consider having your kitchen designer, or yourself if you are doing the remodel, design a baking center in your kitchen.

A baking center, a type of kitchen island, is a countertop where you use to bake, roll dough, or prep food. Typically, the baking center has a height slightly lower then a typical countertop. Why, because baking is very hands on and by lowering the counter height, it bakes it very ergonomic and useful. Imagine how much force you can put into kneaded bread with a lower countertop by put your shoulders in it! While it is common for a lower height, don't drop it too low to accommodate for smaller cooks (your children, nieces, and nephews) and taller people who may have a difficult time leaning over. A kitchen remodel is all about resale value so you want something that's universally appealing.

By mixing up the heights of the countertops in your kitchen (baking center lower height than countertops), you are creating a universally custom cooking experience for all hands and cooks in the kitchen. Taller cooks can use the countertops, shorter culinary masters can use the lower baking center. And, your baking center (essentially a shorter kitchen island) can be extra storage space for your kitchen baking wares as well as make room for an extra preparation sink. Two sinks and large baking areas - imagine the bounty of apple pies.

Material is another aspect to think about with your new baking center. Marble is very popular for bakers - and looks great in kitchens. Granite is another great choice if its sealed and installed properly. Stay away from any engineered stones that crack easily or wood countertops that or porous. You don't want the flavors of yesterday seeping into the baked goods of today. Who wants a cherry pie that tastes like chicken.

A baking center is a great idea for anyone serious about baking but it also provides extra storage area in the kitchen and even extra counter space to display appetizers at your next cocktail party. Of course, the appetizers that are served will be made on your new baking center!

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