Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Adding a backsplash to a kitchen is a great way to add a piece of interest in the overall design scheme. A backsplash is a usually tiles, stone, or countertop material that is arranged in a pattern behind the countertop and between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets. When developing a kitchen design, see the backsplash as a unique point of style that completes the kitchen design. Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania kitchen offers unique backsplash design ideas to turn your kitchen into a one of a kind masterpiece. The only complex element when developing the perfect backsplash design is the endless options available. When we design your kitchen, we will show you the backsplash styles and themes that will best suit your plan.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs

When you look at kitchens in magazines, there are many facets that may attract you and others than can turn you off. Perhaps some kitchens used good lighting where others had custom cabinets and high end appliances. Whatever design grabbed you the most, there was probably an elegant kitchen backsplash design that brought the kitchen together as a focal point. The right design can unify a kitchen whereas the wrong choices can make a kitchen appear disorganized. When our remodelers design your kitchen, they take many factors into consideration, the most important being coordinating the elements in your kitchen into one unified picture of beauty. If you want a Backsplash but don't even have a preliminary design in mind, there are many different designs that represent various style concepts.

  • Rustic: A rustic look is easy to create in a kitchen as the type of tiles needed for the backsplash are often times sold in a builders store and do not require special orders. This uses any tile with an aged character and deep colors to it, most likely neutral, beige or tan colors. This style is usually done with square tiles in a straight or offset pattern. This look works best with natural stone countertops and custom cabinets.
  • Italian: A uniquely italian look is easy to achieve using vibrant colors to mimic the colors of the adriatic. Light blues and vibrant green tones achieve this look and create a very classic look. To update the scheme, you can play with different materials such as glass or ceramic to create the best look to match your house, style, and your kitchen. The suggested color theme can be used as accents throughout the backsplash design floating on a background of tiles or can encompass the whole area using the same color or subtle variations of the colors throughout. Unlike its rustic counterpart, this backsplash design works best when surrounded by lighter pieces.
  • Modern: Backsplash designs in this genre are typically categorized by very clean lines, surfaces, and materials. Contrary to other styles, modern is about being clean, easy to maintain, and organized. You will not see any any tumbled stone in these designs and any stones you do see will usually have very plain looks and be polished. To achieve this design, designers will use mostly glass or stainless steel.

The three backsplash design types described above are very broad genres and you do not need to stick to any one particular style. If you want modern with a rustic flare or a mix of Italian and rustic, out designers can pin point the look you want. The best backsplash is simple enough that is will be aesthetically pleasing while unifying the different design elements in the kitchen.

Backsplash Design Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvanias

The three elements to successful backsplash design are threefold - color, texture, and unifying your kitchen. All three are important and work in harmony with each other to achieve the perfect backsplash.

  • Color of your backsplash tiles or other materials (steel, glass, etc.) should be chosen to compliment the colors of the other elements in your kitchen. This means finding a unique color from your countertop or your cabinets and pulling out that color and using it as a base for your backsplash. In the case of granite countertops which are filled with many different colors, it is easy to find one shade of a color to accentuate on the backsplash or to find the compliment of a color you enjoy that is already displayed in the kitchen.
  • Texture of materials is very important and very relevant to the look you are trying to achieve. As stated before, the three classic genres of backsplash design are Italian, Rustic, and Modern. Within each of these classifications are particular tile styles you should adhere to perfectly achieve the look and are all related to texture. For example, modern designs have a smooth texture while Italian have a chipped or worn texture.

The backsplash design is the glue that binds your kitchen together. The real purpose of the backsplash is to bring all of the various elements of your kitchen into a grouping instead of separate entities. When done properly, your kitchen will become a whole which will be greater then the sum of its parts (i.e. lighting, flooring, etc.).

An elegant backsplash design is pleasing to the eye. If you see a design you like, please remember it and try to have it available when our designers meet with you to discuss remodeling ideas.