Kitchen Exhaust Fans - An Important Consideration

Kitchen exhaust fans are important to consider during any kitchen remodeling project. The purpose of an exhaust fan is to clear smoke and smells from your kitchen, however, the fans and range hoods also offer a beautiful accent to your kitchen. These fans are always mounted over a range flush against a wall. If your range is on a kitchen island, an exhaust fan can also be mounted and used effectively. Our remodelers will help you pick the correct fan that will do its job effectively as well as add to the overall look of your kitchen.

Many times, the range you purchase will wither come with an exhaust fan or there will be a fan in the same family of the range that will look great with the range. If your chosen range does not come with an exhaust fan, there are many companies that fabricate thee fans that will accent your range. What ever type of fan we install in your kitchen, you can be sure it is a brand we have used before and it effectively clears the smoke and smells from your kitchen as an exhaust fan should do.

In some kitchens we renovate, the pre-existing duct work for the exhaust of the kitchen fan does not run where it should. In some homes, the exhaust fan runs into the attic. This is bad idea for many reasons including smells are merely moving from one room of your house to another room and if there was ever a fire on the stove and your fan was on, it would be pulled into your attic. This method of circulating an exhaust fan is no longer used but it is something that we have ran into in older homes. In this case, we would need to re-route the exhaust to run outside of the house. This can usually be done easily.

Kitchen exhaust fans should be as large as your kitchen will allow. In smaller kitchens where space is small, over the stove microwave oven / convention oven units often come with exhaust fan on their under side. In larger kitchens where space is not an issue, commercial grade fans should be considered. A commercial kitchen exhaust fan usually run quieter than its residential counterpart and are much more efficient at pulling smoke and smells from your kitchen. These are typically fans that can be used in restaurant kitchens so you know they will do an amazing job in your kitchen. Like any fan, these should be vented so any air they pull from your kitchen exits your house and is not vented back in your home. One more word about the exhaust, the outdoor vent should be away from any windows as you do not want the smoke being pulled from your kitchen then entering back in through an open window. Like anything else, properly installing kitchen exhaust fans takes much consideration and proper planning.

Kitchen exhaust fans come in many different strengths. From residential to commercial models, there are different ratings at which these fans pull and circulate air. When we assess your kitchen remodeling project, we will analyze the area and suggest the best fan for the look and the space. Typically, larger ranges will need higher powered exhaust fans while smaller ranges will need smaller exhaust fans. This is a good rule of thumb but is not always accurate. If you live in a smell house where even the slightest kitchen smell will permeate the household, you want a kitchen exhaust fan that will effectively remove all smoke and odors from your kitchen so they will not effect the rest of the house.

Range hoods come in a variety of styles to match your kitchen decor. From different colors to different materials, we will help you get the right hood and fan to match your decor. And, as an added bonus, many range hoods come with lighting already built under the hood. Having a light over your range is a great option no matter how much light you have in your kitchen. There are many different range models out there with different strengths and styles and we will help you make the right choice for both your design and your needs. If you are unable to find a style of fan that suits your needs, they can also be custom made build to your exact size and specifications. Naturally, the cost for this is fairly high but there are always options for any budget and style.