Kitchen Lighting Design

Kitchen Lighting Design

At Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, we feel kitchen lighting design is an important part of the kitchen remodeling process. We understand the need for kitchen lighting to be able to set the many moods of a kitchen such as family dinners, quiet evenings at home, or a relaxation area before you start the day. As it were, kitchen lighting should be thought of not as just recessed lighting fixtures but using a multitude of lighting options such as recessed lighting, pendant lighting, sconces, and ceiling lights to properly set the mood of a kitchen.

Types of Lighting

When we install kitchen lighting or even incorporate kitchen lighting into a design scheme, we like to mix two types of kitchen lighting - indirect lighting and direct lighting. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor and do not know the difference between the two - here is a brief overview. Indirect lighting is light products that bounces off an object in your kitchen. Most often these fixtures are hidden like under the cabinet lighting or under the counter lighting and produces a warm glow in a kitchen. Direct lighting is exactly what is sounds like. It is using recessed lights, surface lights, or pendant lights in a kitchen. By using both types of lighting, we can achieve a multi dimensional kitchen without breaking the bank.

There are many different types of kitchen lighting including ribbon or "rope" lighting, recessed lighting, traditional ceiling mount lighting, ceiling fans with lights, and others. The options are limitless but it takes an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor to understand what lighting schemes will work best in your new remodeled kitchen. G.R. Fazio will work with you and show you catalogs from our lighting supply house to make sure you get the most beautiful lighting fixture for your budget.

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Problems With Kitchen Lighting Designs

Perhaps the biggest mistake contractors can make when designing your lighting scheme is using one ceiling mounted light to illuminate your entire kitchen. What this products is a visually overpowering light that is will do nothing for the mood or the function of your kitchen. One main light produces too much light in some areas and not enough light in others. It casts shadows that make your kitchen look smaller. What our remodelers try to achieve is using multiple accent lights throughout your kitchen to achieve a layered look. A single light can never properly illuminate a kitchen but by having multiple lights and blending different types of lights, your kitchen will come alive.

How Will You Use Your Kitchen

As we emphasized before, your lighting needs are a very important consideration when choosing your new kitchen lighting design. Before our remodeling contractors come to your house for an appointment, sometimes it is best to start asking yourself how you will use your new kitchen as this will effect your kitchen lighting schemes. Is your kitchen an eat in kitchen - if so you need kitchen lights with high illumination and the ability to dim for intimate occasions. Is your kitchen a place to do bills, do homework, and study - if so you need bright direct lighting. Will you be doing allot of cooking in your kitchen - if yo you need a kitchen lighting design that is a mix of direct lighting and indirect lighting. Do you want a ceiling fan in your kitchen - if so you need to consider the height of the ceilings to see if ceiling fans will work into the kitchen lighting design plan. If you are able to answer any of these questions, it will make our lighting design plan more informed and more functional.

Setting The Mood With Lighting

Choosing the right design style is important for each light, but making is useful for any mood is another. When we design your lighting, we use dimmers where appropriate so no lights are overpowering. The dimmer allows for the ability to adjust the light levels in the kitchen. This is great because on some occasions you will need more light in your kitchen, like during food prep, and other occasions may require minimal light, like during a romantic dinner for two. Lighting is all about ambiance and dimmer switches are a great way to achieve that. When we design your lighting, we analyze your kitchens space, areas, and layout and install dimmers where appropriate for each separate type of lighting.

A good lighting design is essential to any kitchen remodeling project. With our team of remodelers, not only do we spend time on every aspect of your kitchen, we pay special attention to everything, including your lighting design. A good design can mean the difference between a good remodel and an amazing remodel.