Remodeling? It's Time To Update Your Kitchen Windows

New kitchen windows are essential or any kitchen remodeling project. We can increase the value of your home by installing new vinyl kitchen windows. Kitchen are one of the most used rooms in the house. Homeowners spend much time in their kitchens cooking, cleaning, eating, paying bills, doing homework, and more. With natural light in your kitchen with the addition of new kitchen windows or more kitchen windows, we can make the time spent in your kitchen as relaxing as possible and save you money while doing it. Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania Kitchen Remodeling can replace your existing kitchen windows with energy efficient windows that are built to save you money while adding modern styling and durability.

Kitchen Window Materials

Regardless if your replacement kitchen window is a stock window or if it needs to be custom made, each window should fit perfectly in the existing space. For renovations, we need to make sure the window fits right to minimize any draft and maximize the insulation of the window. Any window you choose (the styles will be described below) will come in three different materials. These are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. We prefer working with vinyl replacement windows because they are the most affordable, versatile, and usually have the best energy rating. However, if your kitchen style requires a particular type of window to match your style, we will always provide the highest quality, best energy rating, and best overall window for your budget.

  • Vinyl Windows: This is usually the cheapest, most versatile, and most maintenance free windows. If you require, vinyl windows paint easily, however, these windows come in a variety of colors.
  • Wood Windows: Though this type of window is not used very much, it is still available of your style requires it.
  • Aluminum Windows: These kitchen windows are usually a bit cheaper then vinyl but they conduct the heat and cold better. This means in cold months, they will feel cold to the touch and the opposite is true for hotter months.

Kitchen Window Style Choices

There are many choices in kitchen windows, and today, most kitchen windows come with an energy star rating so you know they are saving you money in heat & electricity bills. Some of the more popular kitchen windows are bay and bow windows, casement kitchen windows, and garden windows. There are many different styles of windows available, these are just the more popular types of kitchen windows. We will analyze your kitchen layout and structure points in the home to see if we can add more windows or expand your existing kitchen windows to add more natural light in your kitchen.

Adding a large kitchen window is a great way to add elegance to your kitchen. Adding casement, bow or bay windows to your kitchen is a great way enhance your kitchen by adding natural light. These types of windows are larger and more open then double hung windows and they provide great natural lighting and with a decorative vinyl exterior. And, they will expand the view outside of your kitchen which makes the room look larger while adding a great ambience. Casement, bow, and bay kitchen windows are the best windows for any average kitchen that needs improved natural lighting. These vinyl replacement kitchen windows will save you money will adding elegance to your kitchen. And, for energy costs, any new window can help lower energy costs by 40% compared to homes with older windows.

Garden windows are also very popular kitchen windows. They require only a very small amount of space but they provide tons of shelf space and much light. Garden windows are much like a small greenhouse extending from your kitchen. They are great places for plants and kitchen decorations. These types of kitchen windows also provide a very stylish and classic kitchen look from both an indoor view and an outdoor view. A garden window is the equivalent of getting a grand bay window but in a small & compact size. If you have a kitchen where space is limited or have a kitchen that is getting overwhelmed with plants and you are running out of counter space, a garden window is a great choice.

Once you have your new kitchen windows, to compliment the design you need to accent them and the rest of the kitchen with window treatments of some type. A window treatment can be anything from fabric along the top such a valance, cafe curtain, roman shade, drape shade, pole top shade, blinds, and more. Each type of curtain, shade, or treatment has its own unique style or look associated with it. for instance, if you are dressing a window with a cafe curtain, that is very appropriate for a traditional look. A roman type of shade is great for a classic style. A metal, plastic, or wood blind on your kitchen window can compliment any look ranging from modern to classic depending on the type of material you choose the blind to be made from. As stated, these can range from metal to wood (bamboo, hardwood, etc.) or plastic with simulated wood grains which would come in a variety of colors.

We can install new kitchen windows to replace your outdated ones. This will improve the look of your kitchen while saving you money on energy costs.