Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchens

How could anyone not love eating outside? Imagine grilling outdoor without wheeling out your grill or the convenience of having all of your cooking supplies available for you outdoors anytime you need. Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania Kitchen builds outdoor kitchens with the same care and skill as everything else we build. Pricing for an outdoor kitchen is usually much lower then an indoor and depend on the amenities, mason work involved, and most of all the brand of grill equipment you choose to implement in your new kitchen. But, to a grill afficianado, the luxury is priceless. If you are just on a fact finding mission or are ready to start to look for quotes for a new outdoor kitchen, please give us a call.

Outdoor living areas are where families and friends spend a considerable amount of time during the summer months. Because of that, the PA homeowners we work with value their outdoor space and want to make the most of it. In our kitchen remodeling business, we are seeing a trend in growth of interest and construction of our outdoor designs. Outdoor kitchens are a hot trend and understandably so. With the time spent outdoors, you want your outdoor living space to be the best it can be while taking advantage of many times limited space. With Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania, we take advantage of your space and apply our creativity to make a functional outdoor kitchen for entertaining your family and friends or just relaxing in a perfect luxurious atmosphere.

Outdoor kitchens are more then just a luxury or dream for the griller in your family, they add value to your home. Much like an indoor kitchen, you should view your outdoor one as an investment in your home. As it were, the design should be done and implemented professionally the same as an indoor kitchen. This means everything from selecting the right design concept (an island, a "L" shaped island, a "U" shaped island among the more popular choices) to selecting the best outdoor grill equipment for your outdoor kitchen. Our contractors will guide you through all of these choices to ensure we are creating the most functional kitchen for you.

Our outdoor kitchens can include any of the following...and more:

  • Custom Built Islands for Grilling
  • Custom Build Wood, Gas or Coal Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Refrigerators
  • Integrated Lighting Designs
  • Extensive Space Planning & Designs
Outdoor Kitchen Island Outdoor Fireplace Outdoor Refrigerator

You don't need a traditional indoor kitchen to cook amazing food and to entertain. Our outdoor kitchens are fully functional cooking areas, perfect for whatever you need. Contact the Kitchen Remodelers of Pennsylvania contractors to bring your indoor kitchen outdoors.